Social Marketing 90 – Breaking Your Goals Down Into Manageable 90 Days

When you stop seeing Social Marketing 90 as a platform to pitch your brand and start viewing it as a means of connecting with your audience, the power of social marketing is undeniable. By helping your audience through content that answers their questions, entertaining them with relevant information and forming bonds over shared interests, you will transform your social media presence into something far more than just a marketing tool for your business.

But, as any marketer will tell you, it’s not as simple as just posting whatever comes to mind. In order to optimize your social strategy for success, a little deliberation and planning is in order. That’s why breaking your social media goals down into manageable, 90-day increments is so helpful.

Top Strategies from Social Marketing 90 for Effective Engagement

The 30-60 90-day social media marketing model aims to keep you on track by allowing you to analyze your data and performance metrics in order to make strategic decisions throughout your plan. This allows you to adapt your social media strategy as needed while establishing benchmarks and goals that can be measured and monitored in the future.

Establishing benchmarks and goals is the first step in developing a comprehensive social media marketing plan. These goals should be based on your own business objectives and informed by the knowledge that you’ve acquired through analyzing both your competitor’s strategies as well as your own performance metrics.

Using the 1-9-90 model can help you set your goals in the context of where you want to be with your social media marketing in one, five and ten years time. This will help you remain focused on reaching business milestones that bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

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